New Corona Commercial featuring Saints and Vikings


puck1384: The NFL has zero idea what they're doing. Laissez Faire policies for young, mostly uneducated, jacked up millionaires with CTE? It's amazing that they've gotten this far before everything got all screwy. Don't get me wrong, AD should play, the NFL sucksTHo Nov 14, 2014 23:06:35 GMT -5
rafvike: It seems like, compared to other good teams, when I watch the Vikings they play extemely slow. Receivers do not run good routes and our QB has turned into Brad Johnson (AKA Check Down Charlie). I have no idea why our OL and at times our DL are so bad. Nov 17, 2014 10:37:52 GMT -5
stevo56: hey Dec 1, 2014 5:31:14 GMT -5
danfootball1: Hi there Vikings Nation I am working in the Minneapolis area during super bowl weekend I am from the Pacific North West a long and big Seahawks fan ( season ticket holder ) , I want to be able go out and watch the game wearing my Seahawks Gear , but wanted Jan 21, 2015 13:12:30 GMT -5
leadshot: Monkeys taste like chicken Feb 25, 2015 14:40:33 GMT -5
adddog12: Vikings seem bent on keeping AP. Mar 30, 2015 0:10:24 GMT -5
Vikingpwr: Hello from Los Angeles. Followed slapnut and yessir here......looks good May 3, 2015 10:09:19 GMT -5
vikingsrealist: long time reader, first time poster. Looks Good. May 3, 2015 11:29:44 GMT -5
scubasteve: I live in Claremont opposite side of the county. I was a NAUI course director back a long time ago May 5, 2015 16:39:53 GMT -5
vikekings: skoal Vikings!!!! May 6, 2015 11:09:35 GMT -5
vikingsrealist: I love me some ZIMMER,SPIELMAN, AND WILF!!!!! May 8, 2015 11:33:23 GMT -5
superkp23: Things are really looking up!!! I think we are going to surprise some people this year!!! May 15, 2015 20:13:12 GMT -5
puck1384: check out for breaking Vikes news, opinions and support groups. Jun 12, 2015 13:06:34 GMT -5
puck1384: It's 'SKOL' not, "SKOAL". We're not a chewing tobacco team, leave that to the Panthers. Jun 13, 2015 6:48:57 GMT -5
Josey Wales: What's up, ufdahbert! Welcome to VN! Aug 29, 2015 17:52:21 GMT -5
forevervike61: Greenway always sucked Sept 17, 2015 4:02:35 GMT -5
n8er: It's not worth complaining about at this point. His entire salary is guaranteed for this year and next, so we'd take nearly a $10 million cap hit if we cut him. After 2016, all bets are off, though. Rick got himself into a bad contract with this one. Oct 31, 2015 15:22:06 GMT -5
Pud: how did patterson find sand in a MN November? Nov 12, 2015 20:56:56 GMT -5
puntawhat: Heroin, it's not just for breakfast. Nov 13, 2015 9:15:30 GMT -5
skolpete: 10 Reasons To Be Thankful You're a Vikings Fan (and not a Packers Fan) - SKOL baby! Nov 18, 2015 12:01:12 GMT -5